Anti Block Masterbatch

While dealing with Thin polyolefin films or bags, there is a tendency towards blocking to each other or surfaces of other materials. Opposite film faces are prone to adhere to each other or with other surfaces, which results in film block and affects processing during film winding operations.

If not properly treated, blocking causes severe handling problems during film unwinding and final packaging applications which created obstacles for the complete manufacturing process. In order to resolve this problem, the film must be given roughness by incorporating specific fillers, whether organic or mineral in nature.

The most effective method to resolve this issue is to add antiblock Masterbatch. An Antiblock additive present in the resin microscopically protrudes from the film surface. This creates asperities which helps to minimize the film to film contact, increasing the distance between the two layers, thereby minimizing blockage.

We offer a quality approved array of Antiblock Masterbatch (Anti Block Agents). It is a combination of special additives for efficient anti block and the special processing aid technology. Offered range is very effective in reducing adhesion of plastic products without effect on the transparency of plastics products. It is mainly used in films and cap opening to maintain good performance. We offer these agents to our customers at reasonable rates.


Reduce the adhesion effect of plastic products distinctly

Lubricant function during machining process for plastic products
When the ratio is suitable, it will not affect the transparent property

It has been recommended for in PE, PP, PO blown film products, steam beads bags products. Blow molding, extrusion, injection moulding and casting processing.