Anti Oxidant Masterbatch

Plastics generally ages rapidly under the effects of light, oxygen and heat leading to
Loss of Strength
Stiffness of flexibility
Loss of colour
Loss of gloss and scratching

After polymerization, most plastics are pelletized and shipped to compounders, polymer converters and subsequently manufacturers of the final plastic article. During this process, the polymer undergoes several processing steps which usually involves extrusion of molten polymer. Each processing step causes degradation, a result of the combined action of shear, heat and oxgyen.

Antioxidant Masterbatch has wide application in the plastic industry for protecting the polymers from degradation at high temperature range. Formulated on the basis of stearically hindered phenolic antioxidants that are properly dispersed in poly-olefin carrier, these masterbatches are responsible for protecting and retaining the gloss and mechanical properties of the end product.


Primary phenolic & secondary phosphite stabiliser packages
Prevents the degradation of products at high temperature
Maintains the gloss and mechanical properties of product
Better stabilization of the polymer during processing
Finished product stabilisers to enhance lifetime performance


Injection molded parts
Blow molded items
Rotomoulded tanks