Anti Static Masterbatch

This Masterbatch is based on stearate and amine bases chemicals. It is mainly used in films and moldings made of PE and PP. It gives lubricating effect during moulding or extrusion contributing to a smooth, shiny surface on the product produced. It is also used as an antistatic agent to reduce the electrical resistance on the surface of films and molded products. It also gives uniform cell size distribution in expanded polyethylene (EPE) foams. In addition to this, we test all the final chemicals on various parameters to ensure quality. We also pack our chemicals using premium packaging material to ensure safety.


Provides lubricating effect in extrusion process
Smooth and shiny surface on the end product
Reduces electrical resistant on the surface
Uniform cell size in EPE foams
Excellent insulating properties
Compatible with LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and P. P


PE and PP molded items
Extrusion process
EPE foams
Electrical appliances