Color Masterbatch

Colours are the smiles of nature. Perfect shade with Quality at effective rates can be achieved by proper selection of pigments, additives and Carrier base and perfect mixing process. At Sumiran, We have dedicated team to focus on proper choice of Raw Materials and production house with advanced technology along with professional team to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Sumiran Masterbatch has developed a sound production and quality control infrastructure to match the stringent quality expectations of clients. Made with high quality pigments, superior mixing process, in house laboratory with spectrophotometer and trained chemists provides best batch to batch consistency in quality as well as color specification.

We have matched 1000 different shades of colours as per customer needs with perfection because of strict Quality Check backed by the equipment and trained personnel in our laboratory.

These Masterbatch are widely used in blow molding of bottles, injection molding of household items, Lamination, Tarpaulins and insulation of cables.


Greater production flexibility
Improves thermal stability
Excellent dispersion
Customized Product