Nucleating Agents

Nucleating agents promote the crystallization of semi-crystalline polymers. These additives function by presenting a heterogeneous surface to the polymer melt, making the crystallization process more thermodynamically favorable. As a result of the this effect, the temperature at which the polymer begins to crystallize from the melt is increased, as are the rate of nucleation and overall rate of crystallization. These results into three main benefit i.e. property enhancement, improved molding productivity and increased transparency.

These masterbatches are composed of superior quality of nucleating agents and specialty organic additives dispersed in polyolefin carrier resin.. These masterbatches remarkably lower down the cycle time of moulding process along with increase the dimensional stability of the product.


Reduces haze in injection molded items
Increases the transparency
Improves the dimensional stability
Lowers the cycle time for moulding process


Injection molded items
LDPE and PP polymers